Amber Heard sister ‘encouraged’ Johnny Depp to hit actress over text: ‘I was joking’

Amber Heard sister, Whitney Heard, confessed that she asked Johnny Depp to strike her over text messages.

During her testimony in court, Whitney admitted that she had a jovial relationship with the ex-brother-in-law and at one point during her sister’s marriage, asked Depp to hit Amber.

“You testified that you had suspicions that Mr Depp was allegedly hitting your sister at some point in 2013?” asked Depp’s lawyer.

“Suspicions,” replied Whitney.

“And withstanding that, in June 2013 you were actually joking with Mr Depp about hitting your sister right?” continued lawyer.

“Regrettably over test messages, yes,” said the sister.

“You were encouraging him to hit her?” cross-examined Depp’s attorney.

“I was not literally encouraging him to hit her, but we were joking about it. Regrettably yes,” confessed Whitney.

She continued: “I did not have an understanding fully of what I was. I would never have said that now, knowing what I know.”

Referring to one of the fights when Whitney alleged Depp hit her in the back.

“I hear Amber shout, ‘Don’t hit my fucking sister!’ She smacks him — lands one.” She further added that Depp grabbed Heard “by the hair with one hand and was whacking her repeatedly in the face with the other.”

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