COVID-19 screening tests stopped for inbound flights from Gulf countries

NIH Team Is Facilitating COVID-19 Testing For Overseas Pakistanis At Islamabad International Airport. Photo— NIH website
  • Health official expressed concerns with Qadir Patel regarding the Covid-19 screening.
  • Following new orders, the process of screening stopped at airports.
  • CAA also confirmed that the screening process had not been started at airports.  

The health ministry officials Saturday directed to stop the COVID-19 screening tests for inbound flights from the Gulf countries until further orders, Geo News reported, citing sources.

The latest development came hours after health officials decided to start conducting the COVID-19 tests for the inbound flights from the Gulf countries and Saudi Arabia.

According to the sources, Federal Health Minister Qadir Patel reached Karachi, where Dr Tariq, incharge of the health ministry posted at the Karachi airport, briefed him about the issues faced in the past regarding screening of a few passengers from a single flight.

“Upon the health officials’ concerns posted at Karachi airport, the health minister directed to stop screening process until next orders,” said sources.

Following the new orders from the health ministry, the process of screening has been stopped at airports.

However, initially, the screening process through the Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) was to start (today) May 14 at 12:01 am at Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore airports.

Meanwhile, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) also confirmed that the screening process has not yet begun.  

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