Johnny Depp’s mangled finger story ‘has flaws’, claims surgeon

A surgeon has testified that Johnny Depp could not have lost the tip of his middle finger the way he told jurors it happened.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor’s finger injury, which occurred in a March 2015 fight in Australia between Depp and Heard, has been one of several key points of dispute in his civil lawsuit against her.

The Aquaman actress, 36, has said she never saw specifically how it happened, but that it occurred on a night when Depp allegedly assaulted her with a liquor bottle.

Surgeon Richard Moore testified on Monday about the severed finger as jurors saw gruesome photos of the injury. He said that Depp described that his palm was down on a bar when it was struck by the bottle.

Moore, who did not treat Depp, testified that his description is unlikely, in large part because his fingernail remained intact. He also said there would have been other cuts on the rest of his hand from the glass that shattered on impact.

While Depp told the jury that Heard severed the finger by throwing a vodka bottle, at the time of the accident he told people and sent text messages saying he’d done it to himself.

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