Edible tape to keep burritos closed while eating has just been invented

A team of students at Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering have invented edible tape to keep burritos sealed while eating them.

Christened Tastee Tape, the transparent and edible invention is made from food-grade fibrous scaffolding and organic adhesive that keeps the ingredients inside burittos and other wraps such as tacos or gyros from spilling out.

The group – comprising chemical and biomolecular engineering students at the American university – reportedly tested a “multitude” of ingredients before coming up with their own formula.

“First, we learned about the science around tape and different adhesives, and then we worked to find edible counterparts,” said Tyler Guarino, who teamed up with fellow engineering seniors Marie Eric, Rachel Nie and Erin Walsh for the project.

Tastee Tape, the group claims, can keep a fat burrito completely secure from spillage after having tested the invention on “too many burritos to count”.

They, however, declined to provide the exact recipe for Tastee Tape as they are currently applying for a patent.

While Tastee Tape is entirely clear, blue dye has been added here to illustrate the product’s functionality

(Johns Hopkins University)

“What I can say is that all its ingredients are safe to consume, are food grade, and are common food and dietary additives,” Guarino added.

The product prototype includes rectangular strips of tape, measuring half an inch in length and two inches wide, attached to sheets of waxed paper.

To use Tastee Tape, one needs to peel a strip off the wax sheet, wet it properly to activate the sticky side and apply it to the food item.

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