Oldest person alive who has 18 great-grandchildren and 12 great-great-grandchildren

Oldest male alive. — Guinness World Records
  • Oldest person living (male) is 112 years, 11 months, and 21 days old.
  • He has extraordinary health and memory.
  • He was married to Ediofina del Rosario García for 60 years.

The Guinness World Records (GWR) has recently included the oldest person alive (male). 

Juan Vicente Perez, who is from Venezuela, is 112 years, 11 months, and 21 days old. Perez’s 113th birthday is approaching soon.

Perez was born on May 27 1909 in El Cobre, Táchira, Venezuela. He was the ninth child of his parents.

He was married to Ediofina del Rosario García for 60 years. Perez was left alone and aggrieved when she passed away in 1997. Together they had eleven children. The family now has 41 grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren, and 12 great-great-grandchildren.

The old guy has extraordinary health and memory. He remembers everything from his childhood, and marriage, to the names of his grandchildren. 

He says hard work, “rest on holidays, going to bed early, drinking a glass of aguardiente every day, loving God, and always carrying Him in your heart” was the secret to long life.

His daughter, Nelyda Perez, said, “my dad is in very good health.” 

“He does not suffer from any disease that requires medical treatment,” she added.

GWR reported that Perez wants to be remembered as a religious and hardworking man who was faithful to his wife. 

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