Watch: Bride and groom slap each other on stage

A couple of bride and groom slapping each other on the stage at the wedding ceremony.—Screengrab via Instagram/@whoissunilgrover

A video from India shows a bride and groom slapping each other continuously while exchanging vows. 

The bride can be seen offering a sweet to the groom, which he ignores. After waiting a while, she loses her patience and smashes the sweet on his face.

Enraged, the groom slaps the bride. The bride immediately responds by smacking him back.

After this, a round of slaps begins between the two. 

A famous comedian, Sunil Grover, published the video on his Instagram. Soon, the video went viral.

Turns out, the video was an excerpt from a parody.

The video has more than 4 million views. 

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