Watch: Couple showcase their judo skills at wedding ceremony

The picture shows a bride and groom showcasing their judo skills.  Screengrab/YouTube 

In a unique and interesting incident, a bride and groom decided to showcase their judo skills in front of the guests at their wedding ceremony.

The video of them has been making rounds on the internet in which the couple could be seen fighting each other their wedding day. 

Both the bride and groom have a black belt in judo and so they decided to put on a show for their guests by appearing in front of them wearing a judo outfit along with their black belts, reported Gulf Today. 

The wedding took place in Turkey, where Talha Anis Arioglu, 23 and Imran Shabal, 23 fought each other. The bride pinned down her husband four times while the guests cheered for her. 

The young couple tied the knot after the match, amusing the guests with their skills. 

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